Green – Eco

Cabinet and appliance manufacturers are being held to a stringent code to save energy and have a healthier work environment. Rosenhaus Design Group supports these efforts and mixes in a few of our own, such as: refinishing – not replacing floors, butcher block counter tops, and using local artisans for specialty items. Going green benefits everyone and Rosenhaus Design Group is there to do its part to improve the environment.

All of the cabinets and materials Rosenhaus Design Group uses are eco-friendly:

  1. They are made in North America, meaning less fuel consumption used in shipping.
  2. Formaldehyde free, meaning less air pollutants.
  3. Low VOC
  4. We use water based paint rather than oil based paint.
  5. And, our cabinets cost less than European cabinets.
  6. Some counter tops use recycled glass and other material.
  7. We always recommend energy efficient appliances, when possible.
  8. A free service will remove and recycle your old cabinets and appliances, when feasible.