Mark Rosenhaus, Certified Kitchen Designer and Lecturer

31 years experience Kitchen/Bath Remodeling IndustryPratt Institute, BFA, 1974, Interior/Environmental DesignCertified Kitchen Designer, 1988Design Contest Finalist: NKBA, Wood-Mode, Sub Zero, GENKBA Manhattan Chapter –Founding member and past president Product Development Panelist: Kitchen Aid, GE, U-LineJudge – 2004, 2005, 2006 –NKBA Student Design Competition
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Philosophy: Decoration through Innovation

As a Certified kitchen designer in New York City, my satisfaction is helping clients weave seemingly divergent kitchen ideas into their own design aesthetic. Benefit from ‘outside the box’ innovations that turn hindrances into features. In the process of fulfilling your basic needs, we end up transcending them to create your special custom bathroom or custom kitchen renovation. My goal is to create art in every kitchen design by arranging custom or stock cabinets as sculpture with balanced, pleasing shapes to avoid cliché arrangements. Designing with the Golden Rectangle and Fibonacci numbers assures your project will have the same attention to form and detail as masterpieces of dance, painting and architecture.

Lectures: Geometry in Nature: The DNA of Design

Orlando; New York City; Long Island, NY; Atlanta; King of Prussia, PA; Susquehanna Valley, PA; Chicago; Northern Michigan; Bangor, ME.