Bathroom Ideas and Custom Tile Design

An integral part of your bathroom remodeling is Mark’s design style, which encourages interaction, allowing us to realize designs that go beyond your expectations and unite all facets of your custom bathroom. Choose Rosenhaus Design Group for its 34 years worth of custom bathroom remodeling ideas that fulfill every square inch of potential. We do fully customized designs for each aspect of your bathroom renovation by blending expert and original luxury designs within your budget. We add value to your home through artistic expression using the Golden Proportion to create your dream bathroom vision.

The following are all important to consider when brainstorming ideas:


We’ll talk about custom vanity heights (so you don’t break your back) that will provide ample storage and allow leg room while increasing the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet/Mirror Cabinets

Lifestyle choices might include a tri-view mirror medicine cabinet.


Fixed panel, swinging or sliding glass doors are options. Or, maybe a shower curtain fits your room best.


An eco-friendly, low flow, hand-held spray in the shower not only cleans the tub, but also washes your dog or your kids. When a custom item needs to be built (think toilet paper holder), Rosenhaus Design Group has the resources to get it done.


You will explore the myriad material combinations of pedestal sinks, glass vessels and vanity cabinets that can be combined in your custom bath remodel.

Counter tops

We can provide Granite, Quartz or Vermont Slate for the perfect look.


We’ll select the best lighting to enhance the mood of your bathroom and to ‘shine the light on you’.


Mark’s family has owned a floor covering store since 1902, with his grandfather and father establishing B. I. Rosenhaus & Sons in 1947. As experts, you will be advised on the most appropriate flooring to satisfy the look and feel of your bathroom remodel. Popular flooring choices are vinyl and carpet. Vinyl is a very durable, easy care material with fantastic simulations of wood and stone. Bathroom carpet with a rubberized backing, cut to fit around the fixtures, adds warmth and softness.


Mark’s specialty is custom tile designs for your walls, tub area and also the floor to create the vitality and calming effect inherent in the proportions of the Golden Rectangle which emphasizes the room’s features and express the atmosphere your family will enjoy.

Tub & toilet

At the plumbing store we’ll select the features your have always desired – air jets in the tub to go with a warm toilet seat. The toilet, of course, will use the least amount of water per flush.