Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets

Since 1983, Mark Rosenhaus, CKD has been transforming kitchen remodels in NYC with his custom kitchen cabinet design expertise. As an independent kitchen design studio, we have selected the finest manufacturers of stock and custom cabinets at a full range of price points. Mixing stock cabinets with custom ensures a stunning kitchen remodel within your budget. See how the unique choices at Rosenhaus Design Group can transform your kitchen renovation more than you ever dreamed possible. Cabinets are not merely boxes on a wall. Mark will create the most exciting arrangements based on the Golden Proportion using both stock and custom cabinetry.

Most wood doors are constructed using many pieces of wood or specific cuts of wood, (rotary cut veneer, flat sawn veneer, edge sawn solid, flat sawn solid). All wood parts are hand selected for color consistency and quality. The different cuts of wood as well as the wood itself, accepts finishes in different ways.

Both soil conditions and climatic conditions affect tree growth rates, grain development and wood coloration. The wood grain and color is as individual as the conditions under which the tree grew. Grain also varies between solid wood and veneers. Wood will oxidize as it ages depending on light and air exposure and how opaque the finish is. Lighter finishes tend to show the effects of “mellowing” much the same as a newspaper left in the sun. Cherry wood mellows to a darker and redder even-toned color.

Cherry wood

Hardwood – subtle grain – sap marks – reddish color – deepens and mellows with age.


Hardwood – durable – very little grain – light colors are best – medium to dark colors tend to be blotchy. Used for baseball bats.

Bird’s Eye Maple

Very distinctive grain with small wavy marks in the shape of a bird’s eye

Red Oak

Hardwood – durable – open grain – grain is more pronounced in lighter colors because grain absorbs more stain than the surrounding area.

White Oak

Hardwood – very heavy – gray/brown color – natural color is best.

Quartersawn White Oak

Cutting the log in a different direction yields a very straight grain – Stickley furniture, Prairie style, Mission.

White Birch

Hardwood – very little grain – so similar to maple, you’d need to be a Woodpecker to know the difference.

Red Birch

Actually comes from the heart of the White Birch tree. Reddish color – often referred to as the poor man’s cherry.


Origin is Africa, especially Ethiopia and Guinea – color variations are from fawn to reddish brown – horizontal grain.


This Chinese variety is actually a grass cultivated on plantations with an incredible growing speed of 12”-20” per day. It is cut with a vertical straight grain in two narrow widths.


Framed Cabinetry

Has an exposed solid wood frame 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” thick supporting the construction. Exposed hinges are the norm.

Frameless Cabinetry

Has 5/8” or ¾” panels supporting interior hinges. Plywood or (MDF) medium density fiberboard (a saw dust composite), that is very strong and stabile are both used.

Stock Cabinets

From Rosenhaus Design Group are actually the same quality cabinet as our lowest price vendor. The difference is in the limited number of door styles, finishes and fewer customization options.


The best custom kitchen cabinets are showcased at Rosenhaus Design Group! You can’t buy a better cabinet anywhere. Haven’t seen what you’re looking for? We can re-invent the wheel, if you need. Unlimited materials, details and finishes, including unique shapes and angles are available for that creative inspiration Mark Rosenhaus, CKD can design for your kitchen remodel.


True traditional kitchens that evoke the past will have cabinets with inset doors that are flush with the exposed frame and have exposed hinges. The doors will be raised panel or heavily molded along with flutes, corbels and layers of crown molding.


Interior hinges on a frameless cabinet. Flat panel wood veneer or painted doors are used most frequently, however, Shaker doors are considered contemporary in some design circles.


Cabinets with a more horizontal appearance using flip up and sliding doors arranged in a dynamic, asymmetrical, sculptural composition.


A modern, highly stylized, one-of-kind specialty cabinet particular to an individual manufacturer quite often featuring steel and glass. Minimalism at its best.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired

Variations on a shaker door with overhanging eaves and simple crown molding. Angled cabinets and specialty glass highlight a sculpted, horizontal composition. A Rosenhaus Design Group exclusive.