Custom Kitchen Ideas – Big or Small

Custom kitchens ideas are about the design, not the products. Your custom kitchen renovation from Rosenhaus Design Group will outperform predictable kitchen clichés with original thinking and outside-the-box unique products. As an independent kitchen designer, Mark can offer you a more personalized kitchen you won’t get anywhere else. You’ll benefit from Mark’s experience, with improved function and vitality along with increasing the perceived size of the space through the dynamic symmetry of cabinetry which leads to the focal point. As a certified kitchen designer, Mark ensures complete synergy between all facets of kitchen design with an uncompromising approach to quality and staying on budget to exceed your needs and impress everyone who visits your home.

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In order to maintain his Certified Kitchen Designer credentials, Mark attends seminars to learn the newest products and features that assure you of the utmost in function and convenience in addition to giving lectures of his own.


In Mark’s expert hands, custom or even stock cabinets using artisan details are innovatively arranged as sculpture using the beautiful proportions of the Golden Rectangle.


The size and material of the sink along with counter top thickness and edge detail are functional as well as aesthetic decisions. Having enough working counter top is so essential that including a beautifully designed custom kitchen island can make a spectacular addition to your home.


You can rely on Mark Rosenhaus, CKD to help you gauge the number of stove burners and amount of refrigerator storage for your lifestyle. He will also help with the aesthetics and guide you to the best choices regarding the specific details.

Sink & faucet

Size matters! Don’t be over-bowled or under counter-topped. Mark’s 29 years of experience gives him excellent command of the best sinks and faucets on a family-to-family level.


Is the ceiling high enough for a pendant, or enough clearance from the refrigerator? How much lighting is necessary above the counter? Mark will address these issues, and more, in helping you select the best and most efficient fixtures with a range of lighting options to enhance the ambiance of your space.


Mark’s family has owned a floor covering store since 1902. They’re experts in providing carpet, vinyl, cork, bamboo and wood flooring for kitchen and bath remodeling and can get you the best prices on designer/name brand kitchen flooring in New York City.


Mark’s Interior Design degree from Pratt Institute makes him well qualified to coordinate your entire kitchen remodel. We do all the designs and layout and fine tune the details to decorate your kitchen.


Mark’s creativity is unsurpassed and his free-hand sketches make the custom kitchen ideas come alive. You’ll get as many drawings as needed until you’re completely confident in the design and layout of your new gorgeous kitchen remodel.