Custom Living and Dining Room Furniture

New York City apartments often demand special requirements for size or function. Whether it is a custom cabinet in a fully paneled room or competitively priced stock cabinets – special consideration is given to musicians, artists, business professionals and collectors. We can coordinate a home electronics specialist to integrate a computerized message center and intercom, along with controls for lighting, heating and music. You can even program the appliances. Rosenhaus Design Group has the ability to redesign and renovate all parts of your living or dining room. The following represents their most important or common aspects:

Custom Bar Units

can be customized to your every preference and made with any material. A common favorite is stainless steel with frosted glass doors and Lavastone counter top.

Custom Coffee Tables

are often designed with varieties of exotic wood in specific geometric proportions and a wrought iron base as beautiful to impress as it is strong under constant use.

Extending the kitchen into the dining room

with cabinets unifies a space by creating an impression of furniture not ‘kitchen’ which produces a relaxed atmosphere, especially in tight spaces.

Library Bookshelves

can be used to express yourself. Open shelves are great for displaying books, trophies, memorabilia, etc. Pocket doors cover the TV, and then retract into the open cabinet when viewing.

Living Room Credenza

is a multi-purpose piece of sculpture that adds to the room dynamic with custom cut swerved doors and integrated seat.

Custom Radiator Covers

with wood lattice and granite counter tops hides the ugly units we’ve come to dislike. Unifying the furniture arrangement in the room brings more than just warmth to your home.

Custom Room Divider

double sided for a studio adds storage in the bedroom and TV for the living room. It divides rooms without separating them, creating privacy and a much needed focal point.

Custom Built Entertainment Centers

Customized to your TV, sound systems, video games, furniture arrangement and lifestyle. Your media center will be the focal point of your room.

Dining Room Cabinets/Hutch

From a corner hutch to a complete wall unit, your requirements for storage and beauty will be met with the perfect piece of furniture to satisfy your family and guests.